ASUN Docubase is a system used to store electronic copies of documents that are key to the campus.  For example:  The registration office is moving all student records into Docubase to save on having to keep paper which is costly.
This page is designed as a place where Docubase can be discussed and where instructional information can be placed for everyone to see.  Please contact Computer Services if you have any tips that would be good to add to this page.

Docubase Tips


  1. If you are scanning a large group of documents to be indexed place a white piece of paper between the documents so the system will automatically detect them as being different.  This will save on time during the indexing portion of the setup.  Note:  There is a setting that has to be verified when you are scanning.  The white page as separator must be checked as one of the scan options.
  2. Problem:  My scan was poor and I didn’t discover it until after I got to the indexing stage or forgot to delete it during scanning.
  3. How do I remove the bad pages?
    Solution:  Go ahead and index it and store all items to the system.  Then pull up the web site and pull up that document.  You will be allowed to delete the individual page at this time as long as you have permission to delete from the system.  Otherwise contact the individual department and they can remove a bad page.