ASU System Benefits

ASUN is a part of the Arkansas State University System.  Arkansas State University is committed to offering a competitive benefits package to meet the needs of you and your family.   Employees are able to participate in a wide range of benefits including retirement, medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and cancer plans. Please select the ASU System Benefit site link below to to find out more important information about your benefit options.

ASU System Benefit Site






Paid Leave

Annual Leave

All employees who work 1,500 hours or more per year in a regular full-time position accrue annual leave based upon employment classification. Classified staff earn from 12 to 22.5 days annually depending on years of employment.  Non-classified staff accrue leave at an annual rate of 22.5 days. Faculty members who work less than 12-month terms do not earn annual leave

Sick Leave

Sick leave is a benefit available to university employees who work in regular full-time positions. Paid sick leave is not granted as annual leave, but should be used when an employee is unable to work because of illness, injury, or medical, dental or optical treatment. Sick leave may also be granted to employees due to the death or serious illness of a member of the employee’s immediate family.  Full-time staff accrue sick leave at the rate of one day for each completed month of service.

Children’s Educational Activity Leave

ASUN employees receive 8 hours leave annually  for the purpose of attending or assisting with the educational activities of a child. Leave may be taken in increments.

Please refer to ASU System Handbook for leave details.

Professional Development Award

To recognize faculty and professional staff for professional development efforts, an adjustment to base salary may be given for the attainment of the specified degrees, contact human resources for details.



Educational Privileges

Arkansas State University regular, full-time employees, retired employees, their spouses and their unmarried dependent children (dependent children must be 23 years of age or less, unmarried, living at home or in a residence hall, and must be an identified dependent for IRS tax purposes on the annual tax form, or some other form of dependency documentation, such as a divorce decree) may enroll for undergraduate studies for credit or for audit on a space-available basis at a 75% discount of tuition.  For graduate level studies, these persons are eligible for a waiver of one-half tuition.  Persons who receive the tuition discount will have any university-sponsored scholarships adjusted accordingly.  Persons who choose to accept a full-fee grant-in-aid or assistantship will be charged the regular tuition.  Dependent tuition discounts will continue to be available after the death of a current full-time employee or retiree of the university.


Not all courses are offered at a discounted tuition rates.  Please contact Human Resources for information regarding tuition reductions.

Fitness Release Time

ASUN employees may make use of a three (3) hour per week release time benefit for physical fitness purposes. This program is year-round benefit and is available to full-time, benefited employees. This benefit may not be used in conjunction with the educational benefit, See handout “Fitness Release Time Benefit.”

Employee Assistance Plan

Arkansas State University-Newport understands sometimes life can present challenges that need special attention.  An Employee Assistance program (EAP) is also available through St. Bernards Counseling Center. EAP is an employer-funded benefit that provides employees and their families with private face-to-face counseling services. St. Bernards EAP provides support to those dealing with everyday problems excessive stress, parenting issues or divorce. For more information on St. Bernards Counseling Center or any of their programs, please give contact them at (870) 930-9090 or see Human Resources for more information.

Please see the benefit handout for more information on the benefits provided through the EAP.